Maybe We Should Hand Out Atheist Tracts on Halloween

Photo by pgrandicelli BEE FREE [CC BY 2.0]
Crazy idea, I know, but maybe atheists should try handing out atheist tracts of some sort along with candy to the trick-or-treaters who visit us on Halloween (or on whatever day they are allowed to celebrate Halloween in our area). I remember some people doing this with Christian tracts when I was a kid, and the JesusWeen folks will be handing out Christian bibles instead of candy because...Jesus.

Of course, there would be an obvious downside to such a plan. Some of the kids would undoubtedly remember where they got the tracts. Word would spread throughout the neighborhood that an atheist was living among them. The local hardware stores would sell out of pitchforks, trees would be stripped of branches to make torches, and well...you know the rest.

So yeah, I think I'll skip the atheist tracts. Let the JesusWeen crowd be the ones to ruin it. I think I'd rather focus on enjoying Halloween before the Christians manage to do away with it completely.