You will find that most bloggers have a blogroll of some sort in which they list a collection of blogs they read regularly and recommend to others. This is mine.

Please be aware of the fact that I list a blog here in no way means that I agree with everything the authors says. I consider it beneficial to expose myself to views with which I am apt to disagree, and some of the blogs listed below provide that on a fairly regular basis.

Blogs Focusing Mostly on Atheism, Secularism, and Closely Related Topics

Advocatus Atheist
Always Question Authority
An Atheist in Iowa
Atheism And The City
Avant Garde
Background Probability
Canadian Atheist
Conservative Skeptic
Deity Shmeity
Deep Thoughts
Ex Mormon Whispers
The Freethinker 
The Freethinker Files
Freethought Now!
God is a Myth
Godless Mama
Godless Mom
Godless Spellchecker's Blog
Heather's Homilies
Laughing in Disbelief
The Lucky Atheist
Michael Nugent
Southern Skeptic
Towards a Rational America and an Enlightened Judaism
Wall of Separation

Blogs Focusing Mostly on Skepticism and Science

Debunking Denialism
Doubtful News
Why Evolution is True

Political Blogs That Regularly Address Religion and Church-State Issues

It's All One Thing
Library Grape

Blogs Focusing on Education

Heterodox Academy

Other Blogs I Write

Revolutionary Atheist