Should Atheists Celebrate Christmas if They'd Like to Do So?

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Some atheists have various complexes (i.e., psychological conflicts invested with emotion). This isn't a bad thing, as it reflects our humanity. Lots of people have these, no matter what they believe about gods. One of the big ones to surface every year revolves around Christmas, and it doesn't make much sense. "Should atheists celebrate Christmas?"

Some atheists love Christmas. They look forward to it each year, and they celebrate it in a manner that would put many Christians to shame. Some might even prefer it over far superior holidays! Others prefer not to acknowledge the holiday at all. They enjoy a day off from work and nothing more. Christmas doesn't bother them, but it holds little interest.


Some of Those Who Attend Church Enjoy the Experience

Church exterior in the Fall

As hard as this might be for some of us to believe, some people do enjoy attending church services. They might find comfort in the familiar rituals, especially if they grew up with them. They like choir music or singing hymns with others. A few might even find the sermons interesting. Many more like the social aspects involved in gathering with like-minded individuals.

It is not unusual to hear people who attend church describe the experience as "inspiring." This means different things for different people. It can be as simple as meaning that they feel better when they attend. It can mean they are thinking about something in a different way. It can mean they've experienced a sense of fellowship with others.


Is Our Use of Social Media All About Self Promotion?

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It is no secret that people use social media in different ways and for different reasons. Some people seek meaningful social interactions with others. They rarely share links but ask questions to stimulate discussion. They respond to almost everyone who engages with them. Others rely on social media to promote their work. They often share links to their own writing, videos, art, or other content. They may be somewhat less engaged with others because their goals differ.

Remembering these differences can be helpful when a platform collapses or becomes inhospitable. Some suggested alternatives may be great for engagement and lousy for promotion. Others might be effective for promotion but poor at engagement. We shouldn't expect users to move to a platform that isn't helpful in meeting their needs.


Brief Impressions of Three 2022 Horror Films: Smile, Barbarian, and X

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I watch a lot of horror films, but I don't watch many during the year of their release. I don't have any interest in going to movie theaters, and the concept of streaming has little appeal. This limits my access to newer films, but I am happy to be patient. I can still enjoy them whenever I get around to watching them.

Since I recently saw three horror films released in 2022, I figured I'd share my impressions. The films were Smile, Barbarian, and X. All may be worth a look, depending on your tastes. As for me, I found two of them to be worthwhile.