Are Christians Disliked Because They Are Christian?

Two thumbs down

I have seen some speculation about why Christians are disliked. I've noticed that many of those speculating do identify themselves as Christians. I wouldn't mind sharing my thoughts on the topic, but it seems like there's a question we'd want to address first. Are Christians disliked?

Most of the speculation I've seen has come from Christians living in the United States. Are Christians in the United States disliked? And if so, who dislikes them? Are we to imagine that most non-Christians dislike them? I haven't seen much evidence that leads me to think this is true.


Accepting Responsibility for My Role in Enabling a Delusion

Old friends conversation people

"Why are you an atheist?" I open my mouth as if to begin my answer, an answer I've given countless times before. But the words don't materialize this time. And now I suspect I've made a mistake by answering the question all those times.

I don't mean to suggest that there isn't an answer. I know why I'm an atheist. What I mean is that I am beginning to suspect that giving an answer is unwise. In fact, I'm wondering if it is worse than unwise.


Your Complaints Protect the Separation of Church and State

Wash your hands for Jesus

We've all seen signs encouraging people to wash their hands in restaurant restrooms. Many of us appreciate these prompts. We don't like to think about the people who are preparing our food disregarding this advice.

The idea of such a reminder hanging on the wall of a public school restroom doesn't seem like a bad idea. These are high-traffic areas, and illness spreads quickly. One sick kid leads to many sick kids, and they bring whatever they catch home with them. It seems like another good place to encourage hand washing.

What don't picture is a sign like the one here. It says, "Wash your HANDS and say your PRAYERS because Jesus and GERMS ARE EVERYWHERE." This would be fine in a church restroom, but we don't expect it in a public school. The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) intervened after a student attending a California public school found it there.

The good news is that the Victor Valley Union High School District promptly removed the sign. The bad news is that this required a letter from an FFRF attorney after a student complained. The sign would still be there if nobody in the school had the courage to come forward. This seems to be the case with most church-state violations, and that's disappointing. We all know how much pressure there is to keep quiet about them.


Countering Christian Nationalism in Our Local Communities

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There's a group of people in your local community working hard to bring about a state of affairs you find undesirable. They aim to limit your access to ideas they do not favor. They want to take away some of the rights you've taken for granted. They might even aspire to criminalize some aspects of who you are. In short, they seek dominion over you.

This group is well organized. They meet at least 1-3 times each week. They know each other well, share many goals, and support one another in the process. Few have close friends outside their group, and prefer it that way. Their group provides plenty of support, community, and access to like-minded people. What more could one need?