October 31, 2010

Halloween is Too Evil to Fall on a Sunday

halloween hangoverToday is Halloween in the U.S., but the trick-or-treaters came last night for some reason. I can't remember if this happens nationwide when Halloween falls on a Sunday or if this is a Mississippi thing. I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised either way.

I can't help wondering who exactly agreed to move Halloween a day early and whether they did so because they didn't want to pollute a Christian Sabbath with Halloween evil. So instead, someone decided to shift it to the Jewish Sabbath. I guess it is okay to ruin that one. Unless I'm missing something, this sounds like yet another example of Christian privilege.

I actually feel sorry for the Christian children who will have to spend this morning in church while coming down from their candy high. I feel even sorrier for those who are deprived of the fun altogether because their parents are so superstitious they won't allow it.

Oh well. At least I no longer need to buy Halloween candy today like I had planned. I suppose that's something.