Halloween is Too Evil to Fall on a Sunday

halloween hangover

Today is Halloween in the U.S., but the trick-or-treaters came unexpectedly last night for some reason. I can't remember if this happens nationwide when Halloween dares to fall on a Sunday or if this - like too damn many other examples - is a Mississippi thing. I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised either way, but I was.

I can't help wondering who agreed to move the celebration of Halloween a day early and whether they did so because they didn't want to pollute a Christian Sabbath with Halloween evil. So instead, someone decided to shift it to the Jewish Sabbath. I guess it is okay to ruin that one since evangelical fundamentalist Christians rarely seem to consider anyone but themselves. Unless I'm missing something, this sounds like yet another example of Christian privilege.

I actually feel sorry for the children of Christian parents who will have to spend this morning in church while coming down from their candy high. Church was nauseating enough on its own. I feel even sorrier for those who are deprived of Halloween fun altogether because their parents are so superstitious they won't allow it. It must be awful to have to live in a home with people who truly believe in demons. I wouldn't wish that on anybody.

Oh well. At least I no longer need to buy Halloween candy (and bibles) today like I had planned. I suppose saving some money isn't so bad. I keep telling myself that one of these years I may have to go all-out with some evil-looking exterior Halloween decorations. But between the cost and the increased likelihood of vandalism, theft, and proselytizing, I realize that probably isn't a good idea.