Black Santa Spotted in Mississippi

Black Santa

I had to go to Home Depot the other day to return a couple of things I had bought right before my injury. I didn't want to go, as I knew that navigating the store right before Xmas on crutches would not be much fun. Unfortunately, I did not have much choice. The items were not cheap, and I needed the money now that I was facing unplanned healthcare costs. The window within which they could be returned would be closed long before I would be able to use them, and so I found myself in the return line.

The store was filled with Xmas decorations, just as you would expect. As my eyes drifted around the front of the store, I noticed two life-sized Santa Claus figures standing side-by-side. They were very realistic and seemed far too nice for the kind of thing somebody might put in their yard. I assumed they were intended as indoor party decorations. One was Black, and the other was White. I laughed out loud at the fact that it took me a few extra seconds to notice this. I had been marveling at the level of detail I could see and somehow didn't immediately notice their skin color. I kept laughing as I thought about how angry the sight of a Black Santa would make many of the White conservatives on Fox News (and probably at least some of the White conservatives who watch Fox News).

I desperately wanted to snap a photo of the Santas. Sadly, there was no way I could pull my phone out while balancing myself on crutches and maintaining my hold on the bag containing the items I was returning. As I hobbled out to my car, I realized that I probably wouldn't have taken that photo even if the crutches hadn't been an issue. I wouldn't have wanted anybody in line behind me to think I was mocking the Black Santa or anything like that.

Why can't Santa be Black? I live in a state with a large Black population: Mississippi. I see no reason people shouldn't have a Black Santa if they want one. It is not like Santa is real and we need to be concerned about historical accuracy or anything. Santa can be whoever people want, not unlike gods.