Jesus Was a White Man

White Jesus
I know that it isn't even Jesusween yet. And that means I am well aware that Isn't-it-sad-atheists-don't-have-anyone-to-thank Day is still a ways off too. So I get that it may seem strange that I'm posting something having to do with the Let's-blatantly-ignore-our-holy-book season here in October. All I can say is that now is when I remembered I to do so.

This is something I wanted to have here to help preserve it for the record and to make it easier to refer to in future posts without having to go looking for it every time.

In 2013, a celebrated journalist (celebrated by much of the right when she worked for Fox News and celebrated by much of the left since she left Fox News for NBC) by the name of Megyn Kelly claimed on Fox News, "Jesus was a white man too." As if that wasn't crazy enough, she also insisted that Jesus "was a historical figure" and described this as "a verifiable fact."

If there was, in fact, a historical Jesus, which seems far from a verified fact (although it might indeed be verifiable), it is fairly obvious that he would not have been white. Why do people take this woman seriously again? The liberals who have been praising her since she joined NBC should be ashamed of themselves.