Prayer Fails Because Nobody's Listening

Nobodys listening

When it comes to the question of why prayer fails, I'd expect to find almost perfect agreement among atheists. Prayer fails because there aren't any gods on the other end of it. Oh sure, prayer might be somewhat helpful as a form of self-soothing, relaxation, meditation, and that sort of thing. And praying in such a way that others know one is praying might sometimes result in increased support. As a result, I'd be unlikely to claim that prayer can never help to bring about positive outcomes for the person who prays. But as an atheist, I am fairly comfortable saying that none of this involves gods. You know, because there aren't any.

Relaxation training can easily replace any physiological benefits prayer might have. There are a variety of self-soothing methods one can learn that will accomplish as much if not more on that front than prayer. And asking others for help is more likely to result in increased support than prayer in most cases. Prayer isn't needed. And that's a good thing because nobody's listening to it.