What Does This Post Have To Do With Atheism?

What does this post have to do with atheism?
Q: What does this post have to do with atheism?

If you are asking this question about a post you've encountered on Atheist Revolution, the answer is very likely "nothing." I've been writing about atheism and many related topics (e.g., the separation of church and state, skepticism, religion, freethought) here since 2005. As you will see from the topic cloud in the right sidebar, topics like these that are at least somewhat related to atheism have received the most attention. You'll also see that I do write about topics with little to do with atheism. Rest assured, I am aware that I am doing this. It is very much intentional.

Sometimes, writing about unrelated topics is a strategic choice on my part and has to do with experimenting with various SEO-based approaches aimed at attracting the sort of visitors who don't regularly visit atheist blogs (i.e., most people). But most of the time, I write about other topics because I like variety and have many interests besides atheism. I find that many of my favorite posts on other atheist blogs are those that address topics outside of atheism, and I've always tried to write the sort of stuff I enjoy reading elsewhere.

I think that most people who understand atheism will probably agree that it is a fairly small topic. I have been writing about it since 2005, and there is only so much I can say about it. The puzzle shouldn't be why I write about other topics but how I can still manage to find anything to say about atheism I haven't said previously! Having said that, I have not abandoned atheism as a topic. I continue to write about atheism and related topics because they continue to be relevant.

If it really bothers you that I sometimes write about things unrelated to atheism, I suggest you consider doing what I did in 2005 and start a new atheist blog. At that time, I felt like there was something missing and decided to add my voice to the mix. We could certainly use more atheist blogs, as many have closed or gone inactive over the years. You could keep yours entirely focused on atheism if you wanted. I'd be happy to check it out once you get it up and running. Of course, you could just do what most people do when reading blogs and skip over the posts you aren't interested in. I find that this usually works well.