July 3, 2014

I Turned Myself Into An Empty Carcass

English: Jeff Walker of Carcass, live at Hole ...
English: Jeff Walker of Carcass, live at Hole In The Sky, Bergen Metal Fest 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Like most atheist bloggers, I receive my share of unsolicited email from Christians. Although I'm often ambivalent about doing so, I try to share the messages I find particularly entertaining or illustrative of some point or another. If I find one worth sharing, I figure others might find it worth reading too.

Here's a recent one I really like:
Hello sir. I take it you are a very busy man and will probably not even read my text even less reply, but I need to ask. You said you are an ex-Christian, what happened that made you leave Christianity and turning yourself from a living soul to an empty carcass? Only a shell of your former self. Please, I am not being disrespectful or trying to pick a fight, but I just have to know.
Picking a fight by accusing me of "turning yourself from a living soul to an empty carcass?" Being disrespectful by telling me that I'm "a shell of my former self" when you did not know me then and do not know me now? Of course not! It is kind of like how you can say whatever you want to someone as long as you add a "no disrespect intended" before it.

I wonder sometimes whether Christians are really unaware of how this sort of thing sounds to those of us who are former Christians. That is, do they genuinely think that something like this is "not being disrespectful" or is that just for show?

What happened that made me leave Christianity was that I read their bible, started asking questions, and gradually realized that the evidence pointed to a natural world with no need for supernatural constructs. I realized that it was make-believe and that wanting something to be true does not make it true. I've always been an empty carcass, and I've never had a soul.

If you really "have to know" and are not merely trolling (which strikes me as unlikely), I've written more about it here.

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