I Get Email From an Entertaining Christian

It is not uncommon for me to receive entertaining emails from Christians. I don't share most of them here, but every now and then, I like to do so. What follows is a verbatim email I received from a Josh Spolar, reproduced here for your amusement (and mine).

Hey man (or woman), I really hope God has mercy on you
Christian trolls? Seriously what are you like 6? Grow up and have the same amount of respect for Christians (and all religions) that you would expect from us.

You fall into the category of every typical atheist; you most likely don't have any understanding of how reliable of a source the Bible is (historically and what not), and you probably blindly accept every flawed/true new idea that the evolutionist scientists throw out.

look buddy you need to do some realizing. If religion was such a stupid, non-supported idea, then why would sooo many people still believe it?

the answer to that riddle is because no one has proved it wrong, and no one will.
Evolutionists and whatever can come out with these new "missing links" and stuff, but a lot of them end up proving the exact opposite of what they have been saying all along, so they have to completely change some of their theories. But people follow so blindly they never realize what's going on, or all the mistakes that scientists make. Like Lucy, for example, whom scientists extremely stretched the facts to make her look more human than ape. Truth is she wasn't, but almost every kid you ask nowadays will say, "oh she was that austrio-something right? a missing link?"

Your site is crude and distasteful, but to be honest it's exactly what I expected from an Atheist website. Look if everyone expects religious people to be understanding and respectful of all the liberal, secular things that pass for socially acceptable today, then you atheists and agnostics need to do the same.
But i can't expect much from people who think that they are great-great-great-great cousins of fish or monkeys who fling poop at each other

It is difficult to pick a favorite part because so many of the trite Christian absurdities shine through (e.g., one shouldn't believe in science blindly, but the Christian bible is different). I love the anti-science nonsense, but I suppose my favorite would have to be the idea that my site is "crude and distasteful," which was what he expected...before he came here anyway. Hmmmm...I wonder what that says about him?

The most puzzling part, though, would have to be the last part about how "everyone expects religious people to be understanding and respectful..." Who expects this? The only people I've encountered who expect this from religious people are other religious people. I certainly don't expect it! To the contrary, I expect religious people to be quite hostile to anyone who believes other than they do (kind of like Josh).