November 2, 2012

Jesus for President

Jesus for PresidentPrior to the 2008 U.S. presidential election, a group of evangelical Christians in Pennsylvania started an unusual campaign: Jesus for president. The idea of electing someone who is either fictional or who has been dead for over 2,000 years did not seem to bother them. It was the ultimate third party.

Fast forward to the present day, and we have another effort to elect Jesus. This one seems to have caught on in a way the previous effort did not. I wonder if that might have something to do with the lack of enthusiasm for both of the two main candidates. So far, 1,656,730 people have signed on online pledge to vote for Jesus as a write in candidate in the 2012 election.

As Jobsanger notes, the people behind this latest effort seem to be motivated primarily by their belief that Mormonism is a cult. I may not agree with them, but it is nice to see that at least some evangelical fundamentalist Christians are willing to stand for something. If they truly believe that Mormonism is a dangerous cult, perhaps they should not vote for Romney.

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