Why I Focus on Christianity


With all the world religions, why do I focus on Christianity instead of devoting equal time to them all? I have addressed this question more extensively in previous posts, but it continues to be the single most common question I receive. I thought it was time for an updated response that I could include in the FAQ I'm working on.

My reasons for focusing on Christianity in general and Christian extremism in particular are as follows:

  • I started this blog to address Christian extremism in the U.S. because I grew tired of hearing my Christian neighbors and the national media obsess about Islamic extremism abroad while ignoring or embracing Christian extremism here at home. Today, this hypocrisy is as great as it ever was.
  • Christian extremism influences U.S. politics in a way no other form of religious extremism can claim.
  • I was raised in the Christian religion, and I am surrounded by it. I know more than enough about it to be effective in addressing it. This simply isn't the case for every other religion. I have seen what Christianity does to others about whom I care. I might encounter a Muslim once a year; I encounter Christian proselytizing and condemnation at least a few times a week.
  • In the U.S., Christians are the primary culprits of bigotry and discrimination against atheists.
  • In general, I believe that we need to resolve some of the fundamental problems we have at home (i.e., Christian extremism) before we are on solid ground trying to influence problems with other religions in other nations. It seems hypocritical for one of the most religious countries in the world to push the idea of secular democracy in Muslim nations when we seem so uncomfortable with doing it right here.

Of course, none of this means that I have positive feelings toward other religions. Many of them also cause harm, and so I recognize that it would be a mistake to focus exclusively on Christianity. I hope that helps.