October is Finally Here

the bible horror poster

I look forward to October each year for at least three reasons. First, it is usually the month that we get our first taste of somewhat cooler temperatures and reduced humidity here in Mississippi. That's always a big deal because the heat and humidity have been oppressive since late March. Second, October is often a good month for horror films on cable and sales on horror Blu-rays. It is not that I ever seem to need an excuse to watch more horror flicks, but October does give me a good one. Third, I can't help but find the terror with which many of the local Southern Baptists seem to regard Halloween to be fun. Every day may be Halloween for some Christians, but that does not mean they welcome it when Halloween arrives. Some are seriously concerned their children will be possessed by demons!

What about the downsides of October or of Halloween? Are there any? I do think it is kind of a shame the whole JesusWeen thing never really took off. The image of terrified Southern Baptists dressing in white and distributing bibles to disappointed neighborhood children on an occasion they clearly named without ever consulting any 14-year-old boys was something I enjoyed tremendously. I think they eventually realized how much mockery they had invited and most have now returned to calling Halloween things like a "harvest festival." Fortunately, a small group of persistent evangelical fundamentalist Christians will not abandon their goal of using Halloween to convert your children and roll out some nonsense about "Follow-Ween Jesus" every October. This is not nearly as good as JesusWeen, but we'll have to settle for it.

Okay, what gives? Since I seem to complain about Christian proselytizing year-round, why does this post make it sound like I welcome it in late October? It isn't that I welcome it now or ever; it is that late October seems like a really good time to shine a light on some of the nonsense Christians claim to believe. Just the other night while watching a horror movie, I found myself realizing that some Christians really believe that the fiction I was watching is reality. As scary as it is to consider that we are surrounded on all sides by people who may believe this stuff is disturbing, but it is important that we recognize this. October is a good time to do so.

Here's wishing you a happy October and a very merry JesusWeen.