Watch Out for Halloween Evangelicals

Halloween evangelism

There are no shortage of scary stories perfect for Halloween. You have heard all tales about people injecting drugs into the candy they distribute or passing out apples containing razor blades on Halloween. These urban legends have been popular for decades and remain great fodder for scaring parents. You have heard the ancient myths about Halloween being the night when the "world of spirits" is somehow closer to ours and "evil" is close by. This stuff is old news and probably isn't going to scare any self-respecting freethinker. But there is something else going on this year, something even spookier that just might get those hairs on the back of your neck to stand at attention.

It seems that the Campus Crusade for Christ, an evangelical fundamentalist Christian organization, wants to use Halloween as an opportunity to convert you. Yes, you read that correctly. They've decided that Halloween is the perfect opportunity to spread their preferred delusion. Better prepare yourselves, heathens! Your very sanity could be at stake this Halloween.

What are those papers taped to your child's candy? They could be tracts designed to infect your child's mind with superstition. Think that neighbor is just being friendly? Nah, he's asking himself, "Who are your neighbors and why has God placed you among them?" But isn't Halloween a great opportunity for you to socialize with your neighbor's family? Maybe, but not if your neighbor has a Jesus pumpkin on her porch and is set on "how best to bring the light of Christ into the season." Yes, that would be the Halloween season, apparently.

Not scared yet? Well, don't look now but there is a dark figure creeping through your neighborhood. What is that in his hand? It looks like a notebook, but why is he desperately trying to conceal it? This person just might be recording the names of your entire family in order to (gasp) pray for you later.

Happy Halloween!