Right-Wing Atheists


Atheists are routinely stereotyped as fringe liberals, socialists, or even Communists. Although there is evidence that more atheists can be found on the liberal side of the liberal-conservative political spectrum, this does not mean that conservative atheists do not exist. In fact, there are plenty of conservative atheists. I've encountered Republican atheists, libertarian atheists, and all sorts of atheists who ally themselves with the political right in other ways. Once one understands what atheism is, this political diversity should come as little surprise. There is nothing about atheism that dictates one's political stance.

Because atheists are more likely to be liberal, it should come as no surprise that many atheist blogs are written from a more liberal perspective. We would have to expect that just based on the numbers. Conservative atheist blogs are fewer in number because conservative atheists are fewer in number. And yet, there are atheist blogs written from various right-wing perspectives for those who would care to look for them. For just a few examples, check out Conservative Skeptic, Bitchspot, the Unreligious Right, or the Atheist Conservative. If you are a politically conservative atheist blogger and your blog reflects this perspective, please feel free to leave a link to your blog in the comments on this post. I may repost this at some point with an expanded list of right-wing atheist blogs.

For now, I mention it simply to note that political diversity can be found among atheists. Not all of us are liberal, progressive, or left-leaning. And while I know some will disagree, this liberal atheist thinks that viewpoint diversity is a good thing. My hope is that atheism, or at least secularism, will eventually take hold on the political right and grow to the point where the political influence of the religious right becomes a distant memory. I think that would be a positive development for all atheists.