Yes, There Are Atheist Republicans and Libertarians

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I'd like to be very clear about two things. First, I acknowledge the existence of atheist Republicans and Libertarians. Second, I am neither a Republican nor a Libertarian. You see, I've been taking some heat lately from a handful of readers who are evidently disgruntled with my liberal political bent and the fact that I express it from time-to-time here. The criticism does not bother me, but I do find it somewhat puzzling.

I have never made any secret of my liberal political orientation. In fact, I mention it in the About section prominently featured underneath the banner at the top of this page. It is part of who I am, and I am uninterested in hiding it. I do not consider "liberal" to be a dirty word.

What I find puzzling about this sort of criticism is that it almost appears as if the critics think I should be politically neutral. But I make no pretense of being neutral about what I do. Atheist Revolution is not some sort of objective news site; it is a blog. In fact, it is an atheist blog dedicated to breaking free from irrational belief and opposing Christian extremism. The fact that the modern Republican Party has thoroughly embraced Christian conservatism places me in direct opposition to them (at least to those of them who embrace the current leadership).

Libertarians, Independents, and rational Republicans who are as disgusted as I am over what the GOP has become, you are always welcome here. Just realize that while I do focus on atheism and related topics, I will not ignore politics. I am a political liberal who is sometimes sad to no longer be able to think of myself as a Democrat or a progressive, but I am certainly not ashamed to write about what I believe.