January 17, 2009

Good Names for Atheist Blogs?

Hello my name is stickerThere is no reason to limit our efforts to help other atheist bloggers to those who already have blogs. We can also help out those who are planning to start new atheist blogs. In the increasingly crowded field of atheist blogs, it has to be tough to think of an original name for one's new blog. I remember agonizing over this decision when there were no more than a handful of atheist blogs. I can't imagine being in that position now. If you were going to start a new atheist blog, what would be some names you'd consider?

After reading a recent post about blasphemy at Proud Atheists (great name by the way), I think that an ideal array of possible blog names includes those disparaging the "holy" ghost. If you remember the blasphemy challenge, you'll realize that this is hardly an original idea. Still, I would think that this could be a fruitful domain of atheist blog names.