The Christian Bible is Magic

This Gutenberg BibleImage via WikipediaIt is no secret that many atheists know the Christian bible better than do many Christians. But attempting to use their "holy" book against them in any sort of argument nearly always leads to the same place. Confronted with contradictions, inconsistencies, unpleasantries, or just plain absurdities, the Christian inevitably makes the claim of last resort: Only a true believer can comprehend the bible. You see, what we atheists fail to realize is that the Christian bible is protected with a magic lock which can only be opened by the key of faith.

I've done some reading and analysis of the Christian bible myself. While I generally found it quite interesting for a time, I burned myself out after awhile and decided to take a break so I could return with fresh interest at some future time. In discussing what I read with Christians, the result was always the same: magic bible.

I have encountered some minor variations on the argument, but the crux of it is always the same. The Christian bible is the inerrant word of the Christian god, and is intended as a direct communication to Christians. It does contain much which may appear inconsistent, even ridiculous, but only to the untrained eye. One who approaches his or her bible with faith will understand in a way the faithless simply cannot.

I enjoy reading biblical analysis by other atheist bloggers, and there is quite a bit of it to be found. But given enough time and a sufficient number of comments, the magic bible claim is sure to surface. Hmmm...this gives me an idea. I've always wanted to name something after myself, so how about this:
Jack's Law: Provided sufficient time and responses from Christians, any critical analysis of the Christian bible performed by an atheist will inevitably lead some Christian to claim that his or her bible can only be correctly understood by the Christian faithful.
I know it may need some refinement, but I submit this initial draft of Jack's Law for your consideration. Hopefully, nobody else has already beaten me to it.