May 10, 2009

Christian Evangelist to Women: Shut Up!

Four Church WomenImage by alison.mckellar via Flickr

The Christian religion has a long and troubled history regarding the role of women. Long before the feminist movement, there were the infamous witch trials. Even today, many in the Christian right consider feminism to be a force of evil, undermining traditional family values. In fact, some Christian extremists are quite clear what they want from women - they want women to shut up. In fact, that is exactly what Christian evangelist "Dr." Phil Kidd argues in his brilliantly titled "Hey Lady Shut up!"

I'm honestly not sure how to summarize Kidd's biblically-supported misogyny, so I will simply quote my favorite part:
11 Timothy 2:9 commands the woman to dress in modest apparel. I have personally seen that in a large percentage of churches, the long tongued, rebellious, bobbed-haired, preacher-hating, pants-wearing, liberal-minded women have determined the standard of dress for the church. The cowardly preacher is afraid to cross this group. He knows if he does, these loud-mouthed women will take their weak husbands and go to another church. Sadly, most woman pull their hair, grit their teeth, and even yell back when the preacher deals with modest dress. Some will even get mad just reading this article. I say to you, SHUT UP!
To all the "long tongued, rebellious, bobbed-haired, preacher-hating, pants-wearing, liberal-minded women," you are welcome here and at countless other atheist blogs. We appreciate you.

H/T to Pam's House Blend

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