Happy Atheist Pride Day!

Penguins marching

No, I didn't realize it was Atheist Pride Day either. I can't seem to remember from year to year that there is such a thing. I heard about it for the first time in 2013 from American Atheists. It hasn't been something I've celebrated (or remembered) every year.

Do we need an Atheist Pride Day? Sure, we do! I can't say that I find it easy to take pride in atheism, but why should that be the case? Religious believers are proud of what they believe. They view their beliefs as an important part of their identity. Why shouldn't atheists do the same if they'd like to?

Is it wrong to take pride in some aspect of who we are? I'm not sure why that would be the case. It sounds like such a thing sound like it might be healthy.

Atheists, at least in the United States, are still condemned for being atheists. Bigotry against atheists is still socially acceptable here. Atheist pride could be a valuable response. If nothing else, it could remind other atheists not to be ashamed of who we are.

If younger atheists with more energy than I have want to do something visible, more power to them. Have a rally or a parade or something. Why not? Those who don't want to join in or don't feel safe doing so don't have to. We can celebrate in other ways.

I find it hard to take pride in being an atheist because I didn't have any choice in the matter. I didn't choose to be an atheist. I realized I was one. But plenty of people take pride in all sorts of things they didn't do or have any control over. They take pride in where they were born, what they look like, or even their ancestors.

But atheists are still mistreated, and atheism is still misunderstood. That suggests that it wouldn't hurt to have some atheist pride. What do you think? Is there a place for atheist pride? Do you think it might benefit atheists now or in the future?

Image by Marcel Langthim from Pixabay