Louisiana Baptists Spread Nonsense to Welsh Students

Carew castle

What do evangelical Christians in the United States do when they have a hard time finding support for their more extreme beliefs at home? They export them to some unlikely places. According to the National Secular Society, one of those places is Wales.

An American church partnered with over 20 schools in Wales and exposed students to homophobic beliefs and creationism, a new documentary by The News Movement has revealed.

Members of the evangelical, Louisiana based First West Baptist Church visited the schools as part of a "cultural exchange" between 2009 and 2018. First West Baptist claim the partnership was established when they offered to provide help after a spike in suicides among young people in Bridgend in south Wales.

Exporting Christian extremism is not new. Many people living in Africa can tell you that. I find it surprising that it was permitted here.

Christian extremists do not usually have trouble finding an audience for their hate. The Southern region of the United States tends to be receptive to it. But I suppose that isn't good enough for those who want to spread their beliefs. Here's hoping they don't find a receptive audience elsewhere.

Image by Roman Grac from Pixabay