Two Wins for Secular Activism in Two Unlikely Places

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When it comes to secular activism, it often seems like we don't have many victories. At least, it has seemed like that lately. This makes it even more important to celebrate those we do get. And so, I'd like to highlight two recent victories that might be missed.

Mississippi Drops God-Pushing License Plates

Thanks to some good work by American Atheists, the state of Mississippi has removed "In God We Trust" from our standard license plate. The new design is not only more attractive than the current godly one, but it is more accurate. I'm not sure how to trust something I don't think is real. I am looking forward to receiving my new plate next year!

It doesn't bother me (much) that state officials will never admit that their proselytizing plate was a mistake. I'm content to focus on the outcome. Our next plate won't have the problem our current plate does, and that is progress. And progress is something we rarely see around here.

Texas Ten Commandments Bill Fails

Meanwhile, a Texas bill that would have required public schools to post one of the many versions of the Ten Commandments in every classroom appears to have failed thanks to Democrats in the Texas House of Representatives. As Americans United for Separation of Church and State pointed out:

The Senate sponsor of the bill, Sen. Phil King (R-Weatherford), relied on Christian Nationalist talking points, remarking, “I think this would be a good, healthy step for Texas to bring back this tradition of recognizing America’s religious heritage.”

I'm glad this one didn't pass. We don't need any more Christian nationalism. Of course, I would have preferred to see it voted down rather than fail on procedural grounds, but that would have been unlikely in Texas.

My guess is that this won't be the end of this legislation. When it comes to Christian nationalism, there never does seem to be an end to it. These folks are determined to impose their religious beliefs on the rest of us, and they aren't inclined to stop anytime soon.

Celebrate these victories and brace for the next assaults on the separation of church and state. We know there will be more.

Image by StartupStockPhotos from Pixabay