Support Christians Who Speak Out Against Christian Nationalism

Virgin Mary statue child jesus

Many atheists have called on Christians to denounce Christian nationalism. I know I have. There are various ways atheists and other secular folks can help, but there aren't enough of us. Thus, much of this particular fight rests with Christians who value democracy.

Some Christians are speaking out against Christian nationalism. When they do so, it is important that we support and even applaud their efforts. When you come across an online post, reach out to the author to express appreciation. This won't balance out the garbage they hear from the other side, but it helps. Most people like to know that what they are doing is getting through to some.

I'd like more Christians to speak out against Christian nationalism. This makes me reluctant to criticize how they choose to speak out when they choose to speak out. Doing so seems unfair. If I beg them to speak out and they do, picking apart what they say has to be counterproductive. This doesn't mean that I don't sometimes want to do so, though.

When I see a mainstream Christian using a bible to support their denunciation of Christian nationalists, I wince. I agree with them that the Christian nationalists are perverting their faith. But trying to out-Christian the Christian nationalists seems doomed to fail. They've already overcome those barriers. They've found justification for what they are doing.

Much of what mainstream Christians say resonates with me. When they describe the tenets of their Christian faith, it reminds me of the Christianity in which I grew up. I can't reconcile Christian nationalism with this either. But the Christian nationalists don't exist outside of Christianity. They have rooted their worldview in a different sort of Christianity.

Mainstream Christians can talk about peace-and-love Jesus all they want. I'm familiar with this Jesus too. But this isn't the same Jesus embraced by Christian nationalists and many modern Republicans.

How do we reconcile this? I'll continue to encourage mainstream Christians to oppose Christian nationalism. How they do so has to be up to them. I'll do what I can to support their efforts. I don't plan to use bible quotes or appeals to peace-and-love Jesus in my opposition.

As difficult as it will be, I continue to think that we need to pay more attention to Christian privilege. I'm not sure we can defeat Christian nationalism while it persists unchecked.

Image by C B from Pixabay