Having Fun With Analogies: Your Post Is Not a Blog

write a title for that blog post

When it comes to communication and the words we choose to express ourselves, does accuracy matter? I think so. But does it matter when the communication we have in mind is taking place on social media? Again, I think it probably does. It might even be more important there since we often lack the sort of context we would have elsewhere.

I'm not sure who needs to hear this (aside from a few people I follow on Twitter for some reason and even a couple bloggers), but I'd like to clarify something in case it is helpful. A blog is a lot like a website except that we refer to the individual articles written on a blog as posts rather than webpages. Remember those analogies we used to find on standardized tests back when standardized tests were still a thing? That's a good way to think about it:

Blog is to website as __________ is to webpage.

The correct answer is "post." Referring to an individual post as a blog is incorrect and often confusing. The blog is the whole site, like Atheist Revolution (or a dedicated portion of an even larger site). The post is just that, a post on the blog like the one you are reading now. Calling a post a blog would be like calling a webpage a website.

I recognize that this is little more than a minor pet peeve, but hearing people boast about how they've written a new blog when they've written a new blog post is something I see with surprising frequency. And no, I don't buy the claim that "blog" is short for "blog post" because "post" is equally short and far more accurate. When it comes to communication, especially communication taking place on social media, it seems like accuracy is something for which more of us should strive.