I Have No Interest in Watching Even One Minute of the COVID Olympics

Olympic games

In normal times, I'd be spending some of my free time watching at least some of the Olympic games now taking place. Of course, these are not normal times. Despite the determination of Mississippi's governor to deny this reality, we are still in the midst of a global pandemic. In fact, it seems to be getting worse rather than better. As a result, I have zero interest in watching even one minute of the COVID Olympics. In fact, I'm boycotting the entire event.

My reasons for doing so are brief and simple:

  1. It is not safe to hold the Olympics (or any other sporting event) in the midst of the pandemic, especially since it sounds like several U.S. athletes refused vaccination because...'Murica.
  2. Spending the amount of money required to put on the games to provide mindless entertainment in the midst of a global pandemic is unconscionable. That money needs to go to vaccines (and measures to promote them in the stupider countries).
  3. I have seen reports indicating that a majority of the Japanese people oppose the COVID Olympics. I join them in "spirit."

For these reasons, I won't be watching any of the COVID Olympics. Silly? Perhaps it is. But that's one of the nice thing about personal boycotts: I'm not asking anybody to join me, so it doesn't need to bother me if it is silly. I have not watched one minute of any sporting event since the pandemic started, and I don't plan to do so until it ends (if it ends). I missed it for the first two weeks; I no longer miss it at all.

Don't worry, I still have no interest in shaming anyone who feels differently. I'm not inclined to shame those who are watching the Olympics just as I am not inclined to shame the atheists who still eat at Chick-fil-A or shop at Hobby Lobby.