Want to Continue Receiving Atheist Revolution Posts Via Email?

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This post is for those of you who have been receiving Atheist Revolution posts via email and would like to continue to do so. I have been using Google's FeedBurner service for the last 13 years to deliver provide visitors with the option of receiving posts via email. Google recently announced that they are killing FeedBurner's RSS-to-email functionality.

Google is recommending that bloggers who have been using the RSS-to-email service download a list of our email subscribers and import them into whatever alternative platform we might decide to use. After giving it some thought, I've decided I'm not going to do that. I don't think I would like it if someone handed over my email address to another service without my consent, so I see no reason to do that to you. This means that this will be the last post you receive via email unless you sign up for another service. I've decided to use follow.it as the "official" replacement, but I'd like to tell you about some other options below in case you prefer to use one of them.

But I want to continue receiving Atheist Revolution posts!

Happy to hear it. You have several options for doing so, more than I can possibly list here. You could decide to abandon email and use a dedicated RSS feed reader app (like I do) or your Internet browser. Some browsers can function like feed readers through various add-ins, extensions, or whatever they choose to call them; all browsers will allow you to access popular online services for reading RSS feeds like Feedly.

But I want to continue receiving Atheist Revolution posts via email!

You are in luck, as there are many good options that will let you do so. Depending on what email app you use, you might find that it can work with RSS feeds directly, as some do. If you search for the name of your preferred email app and "RSS," you may be able to find instructions for how to add an RSS feed if that feature is supported.

If you'd prefer a direct replacement for what you are used to with FeedBurner's RSS-to-email delivery service, you could use a service like Feedrabbit which gives you RSS-to-email capability without anyone else (including me) having access to your email address. And of course, you are welcome to sign up to receive posts with follow.it, which is the service I've selected as the "official" replace for FeedBurner's RSS-to-email feature. It gives you greater control over how it can be configured than Feedburner did, though I believe it does give me access to your email address.

What does it mean that I've referred to follow.it as the "official" replacement for the Feedburner RSS-to-email service? Not much. It just means that I needed to pick something that could be connected to the "subscribe via email" button on the sidebar and decided to give follow.it a try because I have heard good things about it.

What to do now

If you'd like to continue to receive Atheist Revolution posts via email, sign up for follow.it or an alternative of your choice. I will be deactivating FeedBurner's email delivery service, so this should be the last post you receive that way.