Can a Blogger Post Too Much?


When it comes to blogging, is there such a thing as posting too much? Yes, I think so. It depends on one's goals, but I think there has to be a point at which a blogger could post so often that it would become inefficient or counterproductive. I used to post once a day. These days, I'm lucky to post twice a week. If I could bring myself to post a few times a day, I suspect this would generate additional traffic and improve search engine positioning to some degree.

On the other hand, there would be a point of diminishing returns beyond which posting more often would accomplish little. And while this is just a guess, I suspect that this point of diminishing returns is probably lower than I think it is. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me much if it turned out to be something like 1 post per day.

I have never attempted to sustain a rate of two or more posts per day, but I have noticed that the days when I do post twice almost never bring anywhere close to twice the traffic as the days when I post once. Perhaps the point of diminishing returns (at least for me) is as low as one post per day. And maybe it is even lower. I'd guess this differs for every blogger and would require some testing on one's own blog if one was interested. One could monitor one's traffic based on one post per day or whatever target one thought was reasonable, calculate an average, and then increase the rate to determine the size of the increase (assuming there was an increase).

Another observation I have made about posting frequency is that the number of comments left on each post usually declines when I post more often. This shouldn't be surprising because the first post on the page almost always generates the most attention. People seem less inclined to comment on older posts, including those that are still visible on the home page. Still, this effect is more pronounced than I would have guessed. There have been times when I've held back a post to encourage more comments on the last one.

I have heard some bloggers worry that posting too often might annoy readers. Personally, I think a blogger would have to regularly post more than a few times per day to come close to annoying me. Even then, I'm not sure it would do so. There are a couple of bloggers I follow who do post that much. While this does not annoy me, I do notice that I read fewer of their posts than I might otherwise. When their posts show up in my RSS reader, I only click on those that sound interesting and skip over the rest. The more posts there are when I check, the more I skip over.

I'm sure there are some benefits to posting more often. If someone regularly writes 5 posts per day, the odds of someone thinking one sounds interesting and reading it or sharing it on social media probably increases. On the other hand, efficiency in the sense of potential impact per post probably drops off quickly. Some of the more prolific bloggers seem to do a fairly good job of offsetting this drop in efficiency through their social media strategy. As for me, I think I'm happy keeping things around an average of 2 posts per week.