Things This Atheist Likes About the Holiday Season

Christmas candle

Accusations of being a Grinch aside, there are some things I really do like about the time of year many refer to as "the holiday season" that do not have much of anything to do with the war on Christmas. Here are some of them:

  • The weather. I love the weather in Mississippi this time of year. It doesn't make up for what it is like most of the rest of the year, but I'll take it rain or shine and the colder, the better.
  • The smells. Whether it is the trees Christians are not supposed to have in their homes or the spices used by those few who still cook for themselves, there are some great smells in the air this time of year.
  • The lights. Someone on Twitter recently said that what's great about Christmas is that one can light one's home to resemble the set of a Mario Bava film, and I thought that was a great point (especially since I just watched Black Sabbath again). I haven't tried it, but I think I'll take that over the more common Griswold approach.
  • The time off work. I always appreciate time off work, whether I use it to work from home, cross some things off my to-do list I haven't had time to get to, do more cooking, relax, or all of the above.
  • The temporary fake kindness. I know some are fond of condemning, but if dates on a calendar lead some people to be nicer to others for a few days, I'll gladly take it over the alternative of people treating others poorly year-round.

I don't hate Christmas (just don't get me started on the fireworks). Just because I do not celebrate it, does not mean that there aren't some things about the month of December I appreciate. Focusing on these things and trying to tune out the rest usually makes this time of year far more enjoyable.