Those of You Who Oppose Trump Are Demonic

city in flames during the End Times

I know that some of you are supporters of President Trump. I know that this is not a popular attitude these days, but I don't consider you my enemy. As adults, I'd hope that we could disagree about all sorts of things without hating one another or descending into juvenile name-calling.

This particular post is aimed at those of you who oppose President Trump, especially if you consider yourselves to be part of "the resistance" movement. Were you aware that you are "demonic" and that your opposition to President Trump is a sign of the End Times? Yeah, I wasn't either. Then again, I also wasn't aware that we are currently living in the End Times.

According to Christian extremist pastor Andrew Wommack, his god is deluding those of us who are not Trump fans in the form of a "supernatural deception." How could anyone possibly not support President Trump? Fortunately, Pastor Wommack has the answer.

I believe that there is a demonic deception that is blinding people today.

Makes sense to me, although it does raise at least a couple questions. Why would a benevolent god delude people into thinking things that weren't true? It is one thing for such a god to punish us for being wrong, but Pastor Wommack makes it sound like his god is making sure we are wrong and then punishing us for being wrong. What happened to free will? And how can the belief that President Trump, a man who is so clearly filled with the "holy" spirit, be expected to make America great again if we are living in the End Times? Just how long is the End Times period expected to last anyway? And why the hell am I capitalizing "End Times?"

One question rises above all the others: how can anybody possibly believe this nonsense? My guess is that Pastor Wommack doesn't really believe any of it, but some of his audience likely does. This probably makes them more susceptibe to his manipulation.