Skip the Boy Scouts Christmas Tree

Christmas tree lot

Over at Laughing in Disbelief, Andrew Hall had a great idea. During the "war on Christmas" season, he's ending every post with the following reminder:

Hey, thanks for reading! From now until Christmas I’m ending every one of my posts on Laughing in Disbelief with a reminder not to buy your holiday/Christmas/Yule tree from the Boys Scouts of America. They refuse to allow out of the closet atheists to be part of their organization. I wouldn’t give money to a scouting organization who didn’t let Jews or blacks in. Why would I give them my cash if they are bigots towards my own children?
Love it! Until the Boy Scouts of America decides to change their policy on prohibiting open atheists from joining, I'm not sure why anyone opposed to anti-atheist bigotry would want to support them.

Andrew's idea makes me want to do something similar, so I'm tempted to end every post with my own reminder:

Real Christians do not have Christmas trees (Jeremiah 10:1-25 NIV).

I won't actually end every post with this because that would mean I'd have to remember to do so. And besides, and I'm not sure I really care enough to bother. Christians are welcome to keep ignoring their "holy" book if they wish. Andrew has the better idea.

If you must have a Christmas tree for some reason, you probably have many options for where you can get one that do not require you to support a bigoted organization like the Boy Scouts.