Good Friday Posts at Atheist Revolution

Good Friday

Some Christians believe at least some of what they claim to believe. For them, Good Friday is the celebration of the torturous death of the Jesus character described in their bible. This strikes me as an odd thing to celebrate. I understand that he had to die to be revived. But why was the torture necessary?

Do they celebrate because they hate this Jesus character and delight in his suffering? Most will not admit that. But if we assume they liked Jesus, celebrating his torture is a puzzling choice. Then again, some Christians believe they eat his flesh and drink his blood. Next to the celebration of cannibalism and vampirism, the Good Friday stuff seems less strange.

Good Friday is a topic that deserves more attention. Christianity is based on the death and resurrection of the Jesus character. It makes sense that those of us living in a "Christian nation" would have some thoughts on it. With that in mind, here is what I have written so far at Atheist Revolution on the subject of Good Friday:

From a Christian perspective, what makes Good Friday so "good" is that it marks the beginning of Zombie Jesus weekend. And you know what? There's no reason atheists can't welcome that too. Here's hoping you enjoy whatever festivities you have planned. Stay vigilant, and protect your brain.

This 2017 post was updated in 2019 and 2020 to add posts written during those years. It was then edited to improve clarity in 2022.