A Christmas Sweatshirt I Might Wear

One of the many Christmas traditions I'm happy to be rid of is the sweater. I have never liked sweaters. I don't find them comfortable or particularly flattering when I put them on. That's why I haven't worn one for at least 20 years.

Growing up, I could almost always count on receiving at least one sweater as a Christmas gift. And then I'd have to wear it even though I would hate it. No matter how many times I explained that I was not a fan of sweaters, I would receive one and have to wear it.

The Christmas sweater, usually a gift from my grandparents, was the worst. It would rarely fit and would be covered with some sort of garish Christmas imagery. Even if it didn't fit, I'd have to wear it for fear of upsetting Grandma. If it was ugly enough, I would not be required to wear it outside the house. The point of an article of clothing one could only wear for a couple of weeks of the year never made much sense to me.

Is there anything Christmas-specific I could imagine wearing for a couple of weeks each year? Yes, I could imagine wearing this sweatshirt. As a sweatshirt, I don't imagine it would be as itchy and uncomfortable as a sweater. I'm surprised there hasn't been a Christian boycott of Amazon.com for selling this sort of thing. I have to admit that I like it.

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