Join the #AtheistVoter Campaign

The #NormalizeAtheism campaign used Twitter to bring attention to the important goal of normalizing atheism, and now American Atheists has brought us a new one. On October 21, American Atheists announced a two-week #AtheistVoter campaign. This one is a bit different than just encouraging use of a hashtag. You see, American Atheists is encouraging all of us in the U.S. to contact our elected officials (especially those running in the midterm elections), let them know that we are atheist voters, and tell them about the issues that matter to us.

I just posted about this over at Mississippi Atheists because I think our state is in desperate need of this sort of thing, but I wanted to mention it here too. I imagine that many of you have elected officials who tend to forget that the represent many atheist, humanist, and other non-religious persons.

Here is a step-by-step description of how you can help:
  1. Visit AtheistVoter.org and look up the social media accounts of your elected officials (scroll down the page and enter your zip code into the "Locate your Senators and Representative" search box).
  2. Contact them on Twitter using the #AtheistVoter hashtag and tell them about what matters to you.
And that's it. Pretty damn simple, isn't it? To see many great examples of the sort of thing others are tweeting, check out the #AtheistVoter hashtag.

H/Ts to Friendly Atheist and What Would JT Do?