Why Does a Perfect God Have Human Flaws?

cuadro que representa a la Trinidad (santuario...
cuadro que representa a la Trinidad (santuario della Santissima Trinità - Vallepietra RM) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
If the Christian god exists and is a perfect being, as Christians are fond of telling us, why is it that this god would have attributes that are widely considered undesirable among humans (e.g., jealousy, wrath)? Wouldn't the possession of such attributes by a god necessarily undermine any claim to perfection?

The concept of a perfect god that just so happens to share many human flaws borders on the nonsensical. It seems far more likely that we humans created the notion of a flawed god, one that reflects our many failings, including the stubborn pride many display about their flaws.

Who else but humans could create such a twisted being and then insist it was perfect? Who else but humans could have made taking pride in ignorance into an art form?