April 28, 2014

The Christian Bible: Holy or Not?

The Holy Bible
The Christian bible is either holy or it is not holy. If it is not holy, it could still be appreciated for its historic influence or its literary beauty. Even if it is not holy, one could still find parts of it to be meaningful or inspiring in some way.

If the Christian bible is holy, what possibly makes many Christians think they have the right or the ability to interpret it in any way? If it is indeed holy, wouldn't the sensible position be to read it, learn it, and to make sure that one's behavior conformed with it? If it really is holy, it would seem that anything short of this would be horribly arrogant.

Many Christians seem to want to claim that their bible is simultaneously holy and open to their interpretation, reinterpretation, and cherry picking. I've never understood how they manage to live with this massive inconsistency.