Reactions to Atheism+

atheismplusI shared my initial reaction to atheism+ here. Some of the posts telling me how wrong I was have raised some good points that require additional thought on my part. Others seemed to be responding to something very different than what I wrote, so I'm not sure how to respond to them. In any case, I thought I'd do a quick link dump of some reactions I've seen to the atheism+ proposal:

"Humanism and "Atheism+": What's the Difference? (Love, Joy, Feminism)
The Backlash Against Feminism (In Living Color)
Atheism Plus (Atheist Ethicist)
"Atheism Plus"? (The A-Unicornist)
The "New Wave of Atheism" (Dead-Logic)
So, Atheism+ eh? (The Athefist)
Superskepticalihumanisticatheistplus (Cubik's Rube)
Atheism Plus or Minus (Too Many Questions)

Who's the guy in the picture? He's Schmuck Man, and he's the one who coined the "atheism plus" label back in March. I assume he'll receive royalties from Freethought Blogs for the money they make from his intellectual property.

H/T to Dead-Logic