Respect People, Not Beliefs

Richard Dawkins quote on religion

 Far too many religious believers are either unable or unwilling to understand the simple truth that follows:
People deserve respect. It could even be argued that a person's basic right to his or her beliefs deserves some measure of respect. But the beliefs themselves? No. They deserve nothing. We are under no obligation whatsoever to respect anyone's beliefs.
I will continue to respect religious people and their right to their beliefs; I will not respect their beliefs. I will not respect their efforts to prevent criticism of their beliefs, nor will I pretend that their "sacred" or "holy" objects are anything other than what they are. I will not ignore irrational beliefs or shirk my obligation to challenge false claims. I will remain intolerant of intolerance, regardless of whether religion is used to excuse or justify it. I will not participate in religious privilege, even if that means some will take offense at my words.