New Atheist Holidays: Zombie Jesus Weekend

Zombie JesusI regularly see posts in the atheist blogosphere suggesting new atheist-friendly holidays (e.g., Darwin Day) or co-opting existing holidays from the religious (e.g., celebrating winter solstice in place of Christmas). I've never been particularly excited about holidays (except for Halloween), and I think it is because I've rejected most of the traditions in which I was raised. But I would like to throw my hat into this ring anyway by suggesting another holiday for atheists to co-opt from the religious: Zombie Jesus Weekend.

Yes, I know that many of us question whether there is enough evidence to support the belief that anyone like Jesus ever lived. And yes, I realize that it may seem quite silly for atheists to have a holiday that had anything whatsoever to do with Jesus. But just think of what Zombie Jesus Weekend could be! I'm imagining everything from zombie parades to Zombie Jesus parties. And many Easter decorations would work with minor modifications. It could be one big atheist party.

But Zombie Jesus Weekend wouldn't be all fun and games; there would be a message. By celebrating Zombie Jesus, we would be shining a spotlight on the absurd center of the Christian religion (i.e., that Jesus returned from the dead). And the image of Zombie Jesus roaming the countryside feasting on brains is such a perfect depiction of what Christianity does to the minds of many adherents.

Too juvenile? Maybe. But would Zombie Jesus Weekend really be any sillier than much of what Christians believe?

UPDATE: After a quick Google search and perusal of Meetup.com, it appears that many atheists are already celebrating Zombie Jesus. I am seeing all sorts of Zombie Jesus parties out there. Right on!