The Atheist Movement Needs a Calendar

CalendarYesterday was National Ask an Atheist Day in the U.S. No, it isn't a cool new national holiday; it is an effort to raise awareness from the Secular Student Alliance. But here's the thing - I didn't find out about it until late yesterday afternoon. What would I have done if I had known it was coming ahead of time? I'm not sure, but I could have done something.

It has been my observation for some time now that we in the atheist community are kind of lousy at promoting ourselves, especially when it comes to upcoming events. In fact, we are so poor at it that many of us are routinely caught by surprise when the next atheist-oriented occasion rolls around.

The atheist movement needs a calendar, or a website listing all the upcoming atheist-related events month by month, or something we can download and import into whatever other calendar software we use. That would be helpful.

Update: Here are some dates to remember.