Christianity Relies on Indoctrination


I'd like you to join me in believing in some sort of entity I can't define or explain in a logically coherent manner. I know what you're thinking: If I can't explain it, how can I even know what it is that I'm claiming to believe? I believe because I feel it is real and because it makes me feel good to believe it. You see, I have convinced myself that my belief will lead to eternal life in some sort of otherworldly paradise. Who wouldn't want that? And if you join me, you can have that too!

Of course, I don't just want you to believe with me. It isn't quite that simple. I also want you to change how you are living your life because of our shared beliefs. Well, because of my beliefs, really. That's right - I want you to give up many of the things you enjoy and begin doing things you don't particularly enjoy in service to my beliefs (which I hope will soon become our shared beliefs). And most of all, I want you to join me in persuading others to share our beliefs.

Does this sound sufficiently absurd yet? Is it any wonder that Christianity relies so heavily on a system of indoctrination and sociopolitical influence that has been perfected over the ages? Without that in place, it is difficult to imagine anyone without serious deficits in intellectual functioning going along with this sort of thing.