More Christian Email: Hell is Waiting For You

FlamesSharing Christian hate mail I receive is still rather new for me. It isn't that I haven't been receiving it for some time; I just wasn't sure it would be interesting since I figured everyone else was getting it too. I'm glad I decided to start sharing it. After all, much of it really is too good to waste.

I'm not sure if the author of this particular one thinks that this is a team blog or is trying to address all atheists, but I believe it is probably the latter. That is good news because that means you can consider this directed at you too. Here it is in all its unedited glory:
Subject: Hell is waiting for you!

You fools are as crazy as anything I have ever seen. We have the damn right to include Christianity, as you do not to. You only want it one way - your way. Your rights end when it steps on my rights you stupid demon garbage. Your kind of people is what's wrong in America. Decaying the very fabric of our society. The time is quickly coming for us to take back America from people like you, the ACLU, the queers, lesbians, pedophiles and illegals. You all are grouped together for elimination from our society soon. It's coming....and we will be coming for fools like you....you demon crap.
My favorite part? I think that would have to be that this clown actually seems to believe in demons. The odd bit about "the damn right to include Christianity" might be good if I had any idea what it was referring to. But taken just as gibberish, I've seen better.