Christians Who Claim Their Belief in God is the Only Thing Keeping Them Moral

evil insideYou know how some Christians insist that their god-belief is the only thing keeping them from running wild and committing all sorts of atrocious crimes? We tend to dismiss this claim, almost as if we have more confidence in the basic goodness of these Christians than they themselves do. What if at least some of them are being honest in their negative self-assessment?

Take the case of a California woman, Lark Ann Freeman. After convincing herself that the world was going to end last week, the 36 year-old Freeman allegedly kidnapped four people in the Berkeley and San Francisco area and led police on a high-speed chase in an 30-foot U-Haul truck.

Perhaps Ms. Freeman will not end up being Christian. According to police, she was trying to "save the world." Maybe she's just seen too many bad Hollywood movies. She may well have the sort of mental health problems that are recognized as worthy of diagnosis and treatment rather than those that are celebrated by her culture. But her case does provide an interesting illustration for us to consider.

When those Christians who claim that their god-belief is the only thing keeping them from harming others make such a statement, perhaps we should listen. Maybe they know themselves better than we do, and maybe they should be regarded as potentially dangerous individuals who should be closely monitored in case they should begin to question their bizarre faith. I mean, if they are truly that incapable of moral behavior, might they not pose a threat to us all?

H/T to Stupid Evil Bastard