Idiot of the Week: James Hartline


James Hartline is a Christian extremist based in San Diego, CA. He's managed to convince himself that he is "being used to confront the powers of darkness in San Diego" and has made a name for himself on some of the usual platforms (e.g., the 700 Club, American Family radio, etc.). Like many who do what he does, Mr. Hartline has realized that making absurd claims loudly enough will produce an audience. And like many other Christian extremists, he crosses into idiocy on a regular basis.

It was not surprising that Mr. Hartline would be opposed to the recent efforts by nearby Lemon Grove to reach out to the GLBT community. Their tolerance must have really upset him. You see, Lemon Grove decided to feature the city's GLBT community by hosting an inclusive pride celebration at the Lemon Grove Branch Library.

Nor was it surprising that a couple was stung by bees in Lemon Grove three days after the celebration. There was a beehive in their yard, and bees will sting for various reasons. It was an unfortunate event and nothing more, at least until Mr. Hartline heard about it.

You see where this is going, don't you? A town expresses tolerance toward members of the GLBT community, and three days later...bees! Yep, Mr. Hartline claimed that a "celebration for homosexuality" has been followed by "massive and catastrophic bee swarms."

H/T to The Religion Virus