Huffington Post is No Friend to Reality-Based Community

huffington post logoAs far as progressive blogs go, Huffington Post is tough to avoid. Many of the stories I see being re-tweeted trace back to HuffPo. They have some top-notch people writing for them, and they are also one of the few left-wing blogs that is big enough to do some solid investigative reporting. They even run quite a few stories relevant to atheism. Unfortunately, I have finally reached the conclusion that I can no longer link to them. As good as their political content is, HuffPo is notorious for promoting quackery.

It is challenging to find a particular sort of woo that is not heavily promoted by the Huffington Post. They push creationism, antivaccination garbage, homeopathy, and virtually any type of pseudoscience one can imagine. PZ Myers (Pharyngula) has been sounding the alarm for some time now, and he is certainly not alone. PZ is now suggesting that those of us in the reality-based community write them off entirely.

I admit that I have been slow to act. I was torn because I continue to find excellent political content on HuffPo that I do not always see elsewhere. I have tried to avoid the woo and focus my attention on the good stuff. But now I have reached the point where the quackery couldn't be avoided any longer. It is too pervasive, and it makes me question the credibility of everything else the blog does. PZ is right; it is time to walk away from HuffPo.