The Truth About Easter Eggs

Are your children playing with Lucifer's testicles?

I don't recall where I found this picture. It seems to be all over the Internet this time of year. It has to be a joke, doesn't it? There couldn't really be such a book, could there?

What does it say about Christianity that it is even remotely possible that something like this might exist and that its author could be serious? And even if it is a joke, I imagine we've all seen Christian tracts that were even stranger than this.

When I see this sort of thing, it makes me think about how some of the Southern Baptists here in Mississippi react to Halloween. They actually seem to be scared by the idea of demons walking the Earth! So why is it that much of a stretch that we'd be able to find Christians quaking in terror over the idea of innocent children playing with Satan's balls?

I still think it has to be a joke, but the ambiguity seems to convey something meaningful about Christianity. Much of what many Christians believe is silly enough that it is understandable that it is not always easy to tell the difference between it and a joke.

Update: It appears that Landover Baptist may be responsible for this gem.