James Dobson: A Legacy of Hate


When it comes to anti-gay bigotry, few individuals have been as influential as Dr. James Dobson, the former head of Focus on the Family. Autumn Sandeen (Pam's House Blend - blog no longer active)) has documented the reach of this Christian extremist, illustrating how much damage one hate-filled person can do to an entire community of people.

We knew that Dobson was a prominent defender of hate crimes against members of the GLBT community, and now it appears that he has had a hand in several anti-gay groups. Dobson has established a notable legacy of hate, all in the name of his preferred god.

The next time I find myself becoming pessimistic about what any one of us can do to change our world, I'm going to think of Dobson. If one person can create that much pain and misery for so many, then surely any one of us could do the opposite. Perhaps Dobson's legacy of hate can become a motivator of sorts. Maybe it can drive our efforts to confront bigotry, defend reason, and work to achieve the world we all deserve. And if you think I'd find more than a little satisfaction in using Dobson as motivation to undo his "achievements" and correct the damage he's done, you'd be right.