Religion Should Be Like Your Genitals

Darth JesusI am fortunate (but not blessed) to receive many excellent comments here at Atheist Revolution. One of my all-time favorites, left by Personal Failure quite awhile ago on a post about Christians "witnessing" to atheists, deserves to be shared because it makes me smile every time I read it.

The post in question had prompted a comment from a Christian visitor about how he simply could not help spreading the "good news" door-to-door. In fact, this made such an impression on me, that I asked whether others suffered from this compulsion (assuming it was in fact a compulsion). I must admit that I had never previously heard a Christian claim that he could not stop himself from engaging in door-to-door evangelism.

It was in this context that Personal Failure offered this gem:
"I just can't keep it to myself"

you know, replace "jesus" with "my genitals", and that's a crime. and that's how we feel about it. religion should be like your genitals. it's fine to enjoy them, it's fine to be proud of them, just keep them to yourself unless invited to share.
I love it! I'm glad that someone recently revived this thread so I could go back and read it again. Big thanks to Personal Failure for the smile!