How to Participate at Atheist Revolution

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Welcome! This brief post is for new visitors who are just found Atheist Revolution and are having trouble figuring out how to participate by contributing comments on the posts.

Comments on this blog are handled by the IntenseDebate commenting system. Lots of blogs use IntenseDebate for comments, and there are many benefits to doing so. In order to leave comments at Atheist Revolution, you will need to sign up for a free IntenseDebate account unless you already have a WordPress.com account, in which case you can use that instead. I have experimented with settings that allowed visitors to comment without having accounts, and they created more problems than they solved.

You will find the comment section at the bottom of each post. If you do not already have an IntenseDebate (or WordPress.com) account, you will find a link to sign up for one there. You should also see a "login" link where you can enter your IntenseDebate or WordPress.com information once you have created your account. Now you're in and can participate in the comment section.

When you look at a post that already has several comments, you'll notice that you can either scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and leave a comment in the "Post new comment" box if you want to address the post itself, or you can use the "reply" button that follows each comment to reply directly to that comment. This is called threaded commenting, and it makes it easy for readers to interact with each other.

Now that you are ready to comment, please take a moment to review the comment policy.

I hope this helps.

An earlier version of this post was published in 2009. It was revised in 2018 to improve clarity and reflect some changes in the commenting system.