C Street and Our Anti-Democratic Members of Congress

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Uncovering evidence of another Christian extremist organization in the U.S. is not exactly newsworthy. There are many such groups, and they are nothing new. However, when the particular Christian extremist organization proves to be extremely secretive, proudly compare itself to the mafia, and counts many members of Congress among its members, one hopes that a flurry of investigative reporting would be unleashed. Moreover, one hopes that this investigative reporting would continue until all the information worth knowing about such a group becomes public. Now just imagine that the organization we're talking about also proves to be anti-democratic to the core.

Of course, we are talking about "the Family" and their insufficiently infamous C Street "church" for a number of conservative Christians in Congress. The problem with this group and the reason that we need to demand both serious investigative reporting and a dramatic increase in media coverage is not simply that this is a Christian dominionist organization. No, the real problems are that the group poses a clear and present danger to American democracy. They have been convincing our elected officials that they do not answer to us or to the laws we have enacted to preserve our society.

We simply cannot afford to ignore the Family, nor can we allow elected officials to continue to participate in such a group, without expecting seriously unpleasant consequences.

H/T to Stardust Musings and Thoughts for the Freethinker