December 27, 2008

Atheist Rappers

Greydon Square This proud metalhead has never minded a little rap. I'm not up on most of the new stuff, but I still enjoy the rap of the late 80s and early 90s at times. And yes, I am talking about the gangsta stuff everybody loves to hate. What can I say, it is something of a guilty pleasure.

One thing I've never had any desire for, however, has been atheist rap. In fact, I didn't know such a thing existed until roughly a year ago. And having heard some, I'm quite confident that I haven't been missing anything. I don't have any urge to hear atheist metal either, although I do so love the Satanic stuff for its shock value when played around Christians.

After I'd been at this blog for awhile, I felt the need to familiarize myself with the Rational Response Squad (you can find a review here). They came to my attention first for the blasphemy challenge and then for their slaughter of Ray Comfort on TV. I no longer follow them, but there was a time when one could not read anything on their site without being bombarded with references and ads for someone calling himself Greydon Square. He is a rapper who raps about atheism.

My initial reaction was puzzlement. Why on earth would I want to listen to someone rap about atheism? Since the Rational Response folks talked about him as if he was the greatest MC to hold a mic, I figured I must be missing something. I found his website and listened to a few songs but could still not understand the appeal.

I don't know how many albums he's selling, but he seems to perform at many atheist conferences. Good for him! I am glad that there is an audience for what I perceive as a novelty. If some atheists want to hear atheist rap, it is great that he's around to provide it.

What do you think? Is atheist music something you seek out?

Update: It sounds like the Rational Response Squad folks had a falling out with Greydon.

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